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Signs Your Inner Child Needs Healing

Is there a "wounded inner child" within you that is crying for attention and help?

Image by Guillaume de Germain

Struggling to express your emotions

Constantly in toxic relationships

Teddy Bear

People Pleaser

Unexplained anger and anxiety


See How Others
Have Already Benefitted

We specialize in helping individuals heal from their past experiences

Ariel Poh

Mother of 2

" I was skeptical about inner child healing at first, but Calvin has helped me to realise how my childhood continued to affect me in ways that I never imagined. I feel more alive and relieved than I ever have before." - Ariel Poh 

Yi Ching

HR Manager

" The experience has been life-changing for me. One can only experience, and it's hard for me to describe the release and freedom I felt. Calvin helped me understand how I allowed my chilhood traumas to old me back. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to move on for good from the past and lead a fulfilling life." - Yi Ching

Michael Ong

Newly Wed

" I no longer had to struggle with chronic anxiety in just 5 sessions. That's what stood out for me after going for years of therapy. the tools and techniques I learned had a positive impact in my love life that even my wife was surprised at the progress I made in such a short time." - Michael Ong 

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The Inner Child Approach

Inner Child Classes

We understand that every individual is unique, and therefore we provide tailor-made classes to meet your needs.

2 Hours

Understand more about yourself and soothe those overpowering emotions of anxiety, sadness, anger

10 Hours

Recommended Full Inner Child Healing class. Finishing unresolved grief from childhood, heal emotional wounds, reparent the wounded inner child


Only available for individuals who wish to explore more after completing 5 sessions

What Are the Sessions About?

Try us out with a first free consultation and  who knows what good things will come


Looking at why your inner child was hurt, how the unresolved emotional hurt was carried along in life


Bringing you through childhood developmental stages and letting you see how needs were not met timely and giving you the resources to grow healthily


Learning healthy beliefs and perspectives such as boundaries to re-parent your inner child, instead of trying to make up for it through other aspects of your adult life


Healing of the inner child, and how to access the inner child if ever the need arises.

How Healing Our Inner Child Changes Our Lives, Profoundly

Better Sleep Quality

Relief from years of pent-up emotions like anxiety, giving you back deep, restful sleep

Letting go of Anxiety & Depression

You start to realise that when you regain control over your emotions, you no longer have to live with anxiety and depression for the rest of your lfie

Be happy,
Not Stressed

Manage your happines, not manage stress

Better Relationships

Past toxic patterns sabotage your relationships; heal parts of yourself that may still be hurting

You are your best help

We empower you to self-heal

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